Frequently Asked Questions

About the Workshop/Retreats 


Question: What is the difference between a Retreat and a Workshop? 

Answer: Retreats are for those who are looking to get away, unplug and recharge. If you book a Retreat, you spend 5 magical days in beautiful Arizona. Meals, lodging, Yoga and a trip to the Vortexes are all included in the cost. A workshop is for those who are wanting to learn each modality but for whatever reason are unable to get away.


Question: How do I know if I am a Medium or Healer? 

Answer:  Who said you have to be just one? When attending a Workshop or a Retreat, we use all modalities so you will be able to see what your prominent senses are and which ones you need to work on. 

Question: Is it necessary that I must want to become a Healer, Psychic or Medium to attend?  

Answer: Definitely NOT! Come as you are! If you are feeling like you need more meaning, depth, and passion in your life, come and experience the wonder of divine healing, wisdom and guidance. 

Question: What if I don’t know what my Spiritual gifts are, or am not sure if I even have any? 

Answer:  You’re in the right place! Most of us aren’t aware of our Spiritual gifts, our Ego has immense desire to keep us from reaching our full potential. Let us show you just how special you are! 

Question: Can I attend just to experience my own personal growth and healing? 

Answer:  Yes, most definitely! You will leave our sessions feeling, renewed, restored and reset to shine your loving light to the world! 

Question: Are there any pre-requisites to attend? 

Answer: Only a willingness to expand your consciousness and create a more meaningful, wonderful and passion filled life. 

Question: As a child/adult I have had some “scary” experiences and I don’t want to have these experiences again. By attending this Workshop/Retreat, am I opening myself up to unwanted connections? 

Answer:  We teach you how to ensure that the energies you connect with are energies of Love and Light. Protection, Grounding and Boundaries are key and they are effective tools to ensuring your Spirit connections are filled with love, healing and guidance. 

Question: After my Workshop/Retreat will I have access to resources to continue on my Spiritual Journey? 

Answer:  You betcha! Once your course is complete, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group to continue your growth. We will offer webinars, practice exercises and will be answering any questions you have to help you continue growing and learning. We will also provide you with names of credible mentors that can help you continue your development in areas close to your home. (when these resources are available). 

Question: What should I wear and what should I bring with me to my Workshop? 

Answer:  A yoga mat, a journal, a small blanket and comfy clothes is all you need. 

Question: Do you have access for people with disabilities? 

Answer: Please contact us directly for locations that are/are not accessible for people with disabilities. 




Question: Can I just come for part of a Retreat? 

Answer: No. To get the full experience, it is important you be there for the entire duration of the Retreat. 

Question: What are my accommodation options? 

Answer:  Accommodations for Retreats will vary, all accommodations are shared (2 people to a room). Please advise of us if you are booking your Retreat with a friend or family member, we will ensure you are sharing a room together. We guarantee that all accommodations will be luxurious, comfortable and extremely clean.  

Question: What does the price of the Retreat cover? 

Answer: Retreat fees cover, all nutritious meals, accommodations, courses, daily meditations, daily yoga, and transfer to and from the Sedona Vortex. 

Question: Are there opportunities or space for other activities? 

Answer: Your evenings are free to spend how you see fit! Relax by the pool, reflect in your room, or spend a night on the town taking in the sights, sounds and maybe a little shopping! 


Payment Details 

Question: What happens if I need to cancel my Retreat or Workshop? Do you offer refunds? 

Answer: Please note, we do not issue refunds for cancellations. 

Question: Do you offer payment options?

Answer: Yes! When you are in the check out page, the option to pay in monthly installments is available.